Lorenz Walch from Tübingen (Germany)

Hello everybody,

my name is Lorenz Walch, I am a stumbling follower of Christ and a student of theology in Tübingen, Germany.
I came here after finishing the core module and getting an invitation to RZIM connect. Now, I probably will become a part of the german moderation-team of the core module.
I am interested in lutheran theology, philosophy, (worship) music and frisbee ;). I am also part of the german IFES (International fellowship of evangelical students) movement, called SMD (Studentenmission Deutschland).
From August 2020 I will study in Yale, New Haven (CT), so may-be I will meet some of you Americans there :).

Be blessed,


Hi @lorenzwalch, guten tag from your brother in Indonesia here.

Nice to meet you. It’s cute that you describe yourself as a stumbling Christian. Aren’t we all?

Hope to see you around in the forum,
Blessings in Christ,


Welcome aboard @lorenzwalch. So glad the stumbles are here. Here’s to joining you. Love reading that another alum fro the academy has joined. You have lots to offer and best to you in the role as moderator. That is a great opportunity. God-bless you and your journey.


Welcome, Lorenz! @lorenzwalch
So glad you’ve joined :relaxed:
I so appreciate your heart to learn, and strive after wisdom as you pursue further education at Yale.
Very cool!
I’m sure your upcoming role as a moderator will both be fulfilling and helpful to those here in Connect.


Wow! Welcome to connect @lorenzwalch.It Looks like you have been very busy and I love that you threw frisbee (no pun intended) in there with theology, philosophy and worship music. I really look forward to reading and learning more from you. Enjoy browsing and engaging in this forum.


Welcome to Connect, @lorenzwalch! We’re glad that you have joined us. I live in the UK, and a couple of my friends here work in the IFES head office. It’s such a great ministry! I’m assuming you’ll being heading to Yale to study theology? Will that be at the graduate level?


Thank you all for the warm welcome :).
@KMac: Yes, I´m going to study theology there at the graduate level. The Yale Divinity School is only for graduates. I am very thankful to have the oppurtinity to participate at this exchange program between Tübingen and Yale. Me too, I love the ministry of IFES, it is great to equip students with biblical, christcentered teaching, help them to reconcile reason and faith and encourage them to be a witness for Christ at university.


Hallo Lorenz, herzlich willkommen und die besten Grüße ins schöne Tübingen :smile: I did the core module last year and it was a very good experience for me. The discussions in the forums were also very interesting. I wish you God’s blessing for your time at Yale and also for your tasks in the moderation team.

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