Lorri SeGraves

Hello Everyone,

My name is Lorri. I’m originally from Jackson, Michigan, but now I live and work in Madrid, Spain. I am a full time missionary. I work in university student ministry and church planting.

I was introduced to Connect after completing the Core Module 091 at the RZIM Academy.

As far as contributing to the community, I’m not sure at this point, but suspect as I interact with folks it will become clearer. My knowledge of apologetics is very basic, but I do enjoy thinking through the concepts and challenging myself with the content.

Blessings, Lorri


Hi @lorrisegraves, welcome to connect and thank you for your heart in missionary work. Congratulations on completing the Core Module :slightly_smiling_face: My knowledge is very basic also but I do enjoy reading responses from some brilliant minds here. I do hope to read more from you as you engage in the conversations. Take care and enjoy browsing :heart:

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Hi, @lorrisegraves! Welcome to Connect! We’re glad you’ve joined us. Which uni ministry are you working for? My church here in the UK supports some former members who are (or, at least, used to be) with GBU. What a wonderful work to be doing! Blessings to you as you walk with Him day-to-day. :slight_smile:


Hello, @lorrisegraves, and welcome to Connect! Praise the Lord for your heart to serve Him even far from home. I hope you will ask the tough questions you encounter in your ministry here, and maybe even encourage your students to join, as well. What stood out to you most in the Core Module?


It is so great to have you Lorri @lorrisegraves
Welcome to connect. We hope to learn and share in the testimonies about what God is doing with you, the churches and schools over there in Spain.

With love and grace


Hi Lorri,

Great to see you here as we continue our walk together.


I know GBU well, great group. I work for the International Mission Board. We church plant and desire to integrate university students in this process. Thanks for asking.


What stood out most? The volumes of information I have yet to consider and integrate in my interactions with students. I’m grateful for the RZIM family and for what I am learning.


That’s wonderful to hear, @lorrisegraves! As you have conversations about the Module, be sure to jump in here and share with us. It will be an encouragement to us all!

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