Hi, I’m from Crawley, England. Near a very quiet Gatwick airport.

What led you to join Connect?
My sister recommended this to me.
I might not say much but plan on listening to all the talks.


@racheldownes12 Nice to meet you!

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Welcome aboard @racheldownes12. We are glad that you have connected from England. I hope that you are able to engage in some discussions. They are such a blessing. But if listening and reading edifies your faith then we are happy. You are a blessing to this site. God-bless you and your journey.


Hi @racheldownes12, I’m so honored that your sister would recommend Connect to you. I hope you will find that it meets expectations - if not, please let me know. Our desire is to hospitably welcome each person and respectfully examine our faith to grow in truth and love.


Hi Louise, welcome Sister to connect, the forum designed with respect in mind. It is great to make your acquaintance and share with you from across the Pond in America. Engage as you are able and perhaps share a question as you listen to the many interesting talks that take place on RZIM? Be blessed in Christ and peace be with you.

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Welcome Louise glad you are here.