Lovert Mays


I am from Napa, California.

Interestingly enough, I came to RZIMConnect because I disagreed with one of Vince Vitale’s takes on a podcast and wanted to voice that. If you’re interested, it is located here Will I Be Able to Sin in Heaven?
I have a neat conversation with some folks there.

I hope to add logical yet thoughtful responses to various topics and questions. I have no issue with a healthy dialogue.

A few academic things about myself: I have a BA in biblical studies with a minor in pastoral ministry from SUM Bible College. I am currently attending seminary at Bethel University, earning an MA in Christian Thought. Lastly, for transfer credit for my current degree, I completed the RZIM academy GSC Core module. There is more on my bio.

God Bless


Welcome @Lmays! Glad you are here!

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@Lmays Nice to meet you!

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Welcome aboard @Lmays. Glad you have joined connect. I am confident you will be a blessing to this forum with your background. I do consider Academy alums joining a pure blessing here. The information and foundations that some members here need can be best explained as the spirit leads you to share. God-bless you and your journey, and I hope you enjoy your time at connect.


Welcome to Connect Lovert and congratulations on the near birth of your first baby! I pray all goes well. Babies are a huge blessing. We are so glad you could join us on this forum and pray you are further enriched in your learning of God’s truths and interaction with the variety of Christians and their many perspectives. Connect is such a joy and I pray you are blessed here and can in turn be an encouragement to us all. :blush: