Hi. Someone asked me today about Lucifer, (who I understand to be Satan). The person I was speaking to had , I think, been talking to a Jehovah’s witness, he said something about Lucifer had been God’s best friend. I said I didn’t think that sounded right, but then was reminded of Paradise Lost. I looked up Lucifer and found Isaiah 14:12 with him also being called morning star. I also found a reference to Ezekiel 28. I am rather confused. Can anyone clarify any of this for me please? Thanks.


I think this link might help.

Lucifer and morning star are titles when you understand Hebrew culture, but nowhere does it say that he and God were best friends. Lucifer aka Satan was created by Jesus (God). Jehova Witnesses believe Jesus to be a created being and him and Satan are spirit brothers.

Here’s a link on JW.


Thanks for the link.
It´s really a good summary of the most important verses.