Luis Aragon

Greetings from Costa Rica. I was born here and have lived here most of my life.

As a university professor I frequently encounter challenges and questions, and I want to be prepared to understand where other people are coming from. That encouraged me to apply for the Emerging Apologists Program and to RZIMConnect

I trust that my experiences through the interaction with students and faculty at our secular campus will contribute ideas and inspiration to the group.


¡Bienvenido! What an excellent introduction. Warm greetings from RZIM in Spain, Fundación RZ. :slightly_smiling_face:


Gracias Lisi

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Welcome @ARAGONAGORAS, so wonderful to have you join this format. Can you share with us some of the most difficult challenges and questions you encounter? I am sure we can learn a great deal from you. Looking forward to your insight.


The major difficulty I encounter is not related to apologetics or the faith, but to practical life: I have to work very hard to find the time to read and be formed (beyond my regular prayer time each day). As an example, I joined this forum 9 days ago, and it is not until now that I carve out some time to participate.

Other challenges: in Costa Rica and our university, Christians are under a very strict, even unfair scrutiny by the public, the media, colleagues and even friends. Many people prefer to maintain a low profile, to"not make waves", in order not to fall under this harsh scrutiny. Non-christians have no problem finding all kinds of imperfections in our lives, and are not shy to proclaim those issues as their excuse not to believe in Christianity.

Luis Aragon