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Luis Gutierrez

Hello. My name is Luis Gutierrez. I live in the southern state of Florida in the United States. Having received this opportunity to establish this ‘Connection’ with all my RZIM brothers and sisters is a blessing that the Lord gives me. Thanks to Ravi and RZIM today I know God better, about God and the importance of the balance between both things. Today I can LIVE my faith, without there being an abyss between what I believe and how I live it. And thanks to this path that allows me to know more and live the message of our Lord is that today I feel that I can look into the eyes of any person where I go and in a gentle and respectful way share how Jesus has forever changed my life.
For someone like me taking the first steps on this path of Apologetics, thinking about what my “contribution” might be seemed at first somewhat pretentious. But definitely this fire sown and that grows every day within me as a servant of Truth is something that I put at the service of all my brothers and sisters from now on. Thank you for allowing me to discern together. Thank you for letting me participate and learn from your love for God and His people. Thank you…


Welcome to RZIM Connect, @luisgutialva1976 !

Brother, I’m so encouraged by your post here. I’m glad that you have profited from Ravi’s ministry and that you know the importance of knowing God and knowing about Him. I think you’re right on in noting the distinction.

From what part of Florida are you? I live down in Miami!

Looking forward to interacting with you, talking about apologetics, God, knowing God, and everything else in between.

God bless you, brother!


Welcome to connect @luisgutialva1976. Thanks for your introduction. You’re enthusiasm is very much welcome as are you. We are glad you were here. This is an opportunity to learn and share together. Please take those opportunities. God-bless you and your journey.


Thank yo for your words my Brother. Blessings…

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Hello Jason,

Of course… Any time my Brother. You can write me any time you want. I almost traveling because of work but I always reply. By the way I live in Hialeah so about 30 mins of you…

God bless my Brother… Faith, Hope and Happiness for you and yours.