Luis Vazquez

Hi, I’m from Guadalajara, Mexico. And I joined Connect because I studied at RZIM Academy and think this place is a great opportunity to keep growing as part of a community.
I hope I can contribute by sharing my experience and knowledge even do they are limited.
Saludos desde México .


Hello Dear Luis @fugereinlignum

It is great to have you Join us at Connect. Are you currently taking the Core Module? And how has the study been a blessing to you in the Academy?

So glad you Join us from Mexico. Looking forward to learning from you.

More Grace


Hola @fugereinlignum. So glad to see you here. I trust you e enjoyed your time and were blessed by the core module curriculum. Please share what you learned with the many that come here with questions. God-bless you and your journey.


Welcome @fugereinlignum, we are glad to have you here. We are all limited but thankfully, we are gifted in different areas so that we can glean from one another. What in particular have you studied?
Thank you for introducing yourself to us, we look forward to hearing more from you🙏🏼


Hello John. Thank you for the warm welcome. I already finished the core module, and it was a great blessing for me specially on the way to approach other people’s questions. I’looking forward to take the next course when available.


It’s great for me to be part of this community. I am a biomedical engineer, and studied the core module, right now I am studying a M.A. on Christian Studies at SEBTS. As soon as I finish there, I’d like to continue preparing on RZIM.
Greetings from Mexico.


Hola Luis,

Bienvenido a esta comunidad. Oro que ese deseo de seguir preparándote sea para la gloria de Dios. Saludos.

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