Luke Meyers

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Hello, my name is Luke and I am from South Africa, Pretoria. After Listening to RZIM podcasts, I have found it to be “feed for thought” sound teaching.
I would simply like to be part of a community with a heart after Jesus.

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Welcome to Connect, Luke! Its wonderful to hear you find the podcasts helpful. Do you have one in particular you enjoy?

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(Melvin Greene) #3

Hello, @Luke1. Welcome to Connect. We hope you will be blessed and your walk with Christ strengthened as you interact with others in the community. You are among brothers and sisters in Christ, so please fill free to ask questions and join in conversations. We are all learning and growing together.

In Christ’s love,

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(Luke Meyers) #4

Thank you Melvin.

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(Luke Meyers) #5

Thank you Brittany. It is not so easy to answer that question as when I first came across RZIM three months ago, each podcast/sermon has been to me like a cool drink of water to a thirsty person. There is one thing in particular that always strikes me in each sermon and that is the underlying message of true humility. With that in mind “bridging two worlds” has been enlightening and revelatory for me. Humility, courage and wisdom in one message.
Is there a podcast that you prefer above others?

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(Brittany Bowman) #6

Prefer above the others, no. :smiley: They’re all different in a special way. I appreciate how Ask Away clarifies Bible stories I’ve heard before but wondered how it relates to the bigger picture of the Bible. Vital Signs sometimes helps me catch things in my culture that rub me the wrong way but that I can’t put my finger on. Thinking Out Loud does a neat back-and-forth of current events. Those are the only three I know of. Do you follow others?

(Luke Meyers) #7

I did not know, was not aware of these branches of RZIM. I went and looked for them and will try to give these podcasts a listen to at some stage. Right now all I do is listen to the same podcast/sermon 3 - 5 times in a week as there are often little things that I have missed the first time around, little gems so to speak. There are other podcasts that I listen to but I do not think that they are relevant to this forum. Is there any one thing in particular that you have always wondered about, or try to reconcile to your own way of thinking that this community has helped you with?. For me, as an example, it is an ongoing struggle to know when I should defend myself and when I should let God defend me?

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Luke welcome to the class community!

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Thank you Patricia.