Luke R

(Luke R) #1

Hello, everyone, I am from Southern California and have been following RZIM’s content online for awhile and recently discovered this community.
I hope to find to find like-minded individuals who strive for the truth of God in all aspects of life. I don’t have alot of outlets here where I live for a community such as this so I am very much excited to become apart of it.
I am only 21 so I definitely don’t have as much life experience with God as some of you, but hopefully I can throw in my two cents when possible to be of some benefit. God bless.

(Jo D) #2

Welcome to RZIM Connect, Brother!
It’s a great platform for learning, encouragement and open questions/insightful answers :slight_smile:
Its always great to see other young people joining! (I’m 17…!) I hope this community is as beneficial to you and your journey of Faith as it is to me…
God Bless you, Bro…
Josie :-)x

(Ty Bolen) #3

Welcome Luke,
You’re not the only young gun on here. I am currently 23, and presumably will be tomorrow, as well. Looking forward to hearing what you have to say! May Christ bless you in all your conversations!

(Shay Yates) #4

Hi Luke, and welcome! I joined this community earlier today and I already love it so much! I am looking forward to conversing with you!

(Michael Fitzgerald) #5

Hello Luke, I am 68 and been a believer since I was 20, my body feels like I am 98 but in my mind I am 15 so I say it’s all relative–except for the Word and the Spirit of God. I live among others as a frozen chosen in Massachusetts. In my “adult” years I did a short stint in the Marine Corp., worked a lot of jobs while obtaining B.A.s in Biblical Studies and Psychology, then an M.Div and later working for the Post Office. It’s been quite an adventure up until now, and I can share with you what not to do as I am an expert–but let me instead encourage you by saying that “if God is for you, who can be against you”. Keeping the Lord as your Lord is the best way. He keeps us in the truth. I for one would be happy to fellowship with you and listen to your input.