Say hello…Hi

Where are you from? I am from the coastal city of Durban on the east coast of South Africa

What led you to join Connect? I’ve got a specific question and thought you’d have an answer as I see you as leaders in the field of thinking and Christianity

How do you hope to contribute? Witnessing about my life experiences and Christ


Good morning. Welcome aboard @Madeleine_Coetzee_Southey. I think you have come to the right place. Thank you for joining our forum. Have you explored a few of the categories? If you search for keywords that encompass your questions you might be able to review a discussion already on the topic that you are interested. Please do post the question. God-bless you and your journey.


Welcome @Madeleine_Coetzee_Southey. So Glad to have you here. Yes, get involved, ask away, make yourself feel at home. Look forward to chatting with you.

God Bless You


Hi Madeleine, welcome here.
I am also from S.A but up in JHB. This is a great forum to ask questions and grow in your walk with Jesus.
Be blessed.


Madeleine, a warm welcome to you from America and a brother in Christ enjoying this forum very much. The maturity I see here in defending the truth with respect and dignity for the person is just great. Perhaps you could share a little of those life experiences you mentioned in the members testimony section as you can. God bless your path with illuminated steps.


@Madeleine_Coetzee_Southey Feel free to explore to your heart’s content. Even if you find answers to your question many of us like to answer the same ones more than once! :laughing: :south_africa:

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@Madeleine_Coetzee_Southey Nice to meet you!

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