(Jephtha Malelah) #1

Hello. I’m Malelah, from Kenya. I’m a born again Christian. I’m here to learn and to engage. Thank you, God bless you.

(Sieglinde) #2

Wow, Kenya! Oh I am so glad to meet you @Malelah :heart: Isn’t it amazing we are able to connect from all over the globe! Welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

(Brittany Bowman) #3

Welcome to Connect, Malelah! :smiley: One of my good friends is from Kenya- what part are you from?

(Daniel) #4

Welcome Malelah. I am looking forward to getting to know you! On the map, we are hundreds of miles apart, but united by Jesus in our hearts. What a great gift! Here at Connect we can learn and share. What do you think about this article? Maybe you also want to connect with others from Kenya, e.g. @Charmawee or @AndrewIngram

(Jephtha Malelah) #5

It’s so amazing. Thank you so much for the warm welcome😊

(Jephtha Malelah) #6

Wow! That’s great! I’m from the western part of Kenya called Homa Bay. But I currently reside in the capital city, Nairobi.

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(Jephtha Malelah) #7

Thank you so much @iDan, may the Lord bless you, I’m so humbled we are able to connect.

(Charles G. Pewee) #8

Hi @Malelah, thanks for joining RZIM Connect. I look forward to a great time together here. I am presently residing in Nairobi, Kenya

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(Jephtha Malelah) #9

Wow! That’s so great, I’m glad!

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