Mama Bear Hayley

Hey all, I am a mom of three and we live in Canada, although we were missionaries in Mexico for 6 years, so our girls started life there. I joined the community so I can answer my girls questions while I help lead them toward the Father and prepare them for the world around us. I love to research and learn. I love Mama Bear Apologetics and many of the other apologists.


Welcome @Mama Bear Hayley!
Glad you have joined the forum. This is a fun and interesting place to read, learn, ask and grow. I hope you have a good experience digging for those explanations that kids always want explainations. The easy and hard answer sometimes is “I don’t know, Let me find a book,” which I had to use way more often before the internet community of believers began this exchange. There is a far better answer that we can offer our kids, “let’s find out together.” I hope to read your questions or posts soon.
May your curiosity be sweetened and your knowledge sharpened as you grow here.


Welcome!! @MamaBear
And may God grant you your heart desires in Jesus through this community.

I look forward to learning from you.
Grace and Peace.


I have 3 kids also and am hoping to find some of the hard answers that they ask. I am also from Canada but currently live in the US. That is awesome that you are a missionary to Mexico. I live in a poor community with mostly Spanish speaking Latinos (Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, etc). I use a ton of Veggie Tales with my kids, and Focus on the Family. I have a hard time simplifying stuff down to where they can understand it. I am on here looking also. I feel the better I understand maybe I could simplify it better for them. Praying for you and your sweet family.


Welcome aboard @MamaBear. What great experiences you must have had in Mexico. And the commitment to your kids is awesome. I trust you will find a great experience here. You might want to consider starting a category for kid questions. Thanks for coming along side us. God-bless you and your journey.


I also love Right Now Media and Jelly Telly, Phil Vischer the creator of Veggie Tales does all kind of 5 minute devotionals, he has a walk through the Bible called “What’s in the Bible” that is amazing. I have also been listening to all the podcasts by Mama Bear Apologetics. They are really helping me simply. So much to learn, man I love research and am so glad I finally discovered Apologetics.


Kids questions is a fabulous idea