(Emmanuel Le Goff) #1

Hi my name is Manny,

I became born again in October 2017. I am a French national living in the UK married with 4 children ranging from 10 to 29.

I am a big fan of Ravi Zacharias, particularly his online videos; I also listened regularly and great pleasure to two RZIM podcasts “Ask Away” with Vince, Jo Vitale and Michael Davis and “Vital Signs” with Cameron McAllister.

While an amateur, I am particularly interested in apologetics.

(Darlene Medford) #2

Welcome - this is a great group of friends to read, learn and pray with. It is like our Christian family suddenly has grown - and they live all over the world. I find that really rather wonderful to communicate with others. During my time here, in the Bible memorization group - I have really read the verses, thought about them and marveled at how they fit my life today - treasures for the day. Enjoy your time here with connect.

(Lisa August) #3

Welcome to Connect Manny

(Jennifer Girard) #4

Bienvenue, Manny! This forum is full of intelligent, Godly discussions on many topics that concern our daily Christian life. So helpful for understanding for our selves, but extremely useful when we want to explain our faith to others. I’m particularly excited to know that the Lord has touched the life of a French person because I work in France in ministry (Bergerac) and I have a real heart for France (I’m Australian & British). Interesting times with Brexit ! As Christians, we can have a different perspective on world events. God is our true source of security. Blessings on you & your family.