Manora Visuvasam

Hello, I’m originally from Chennai, India, now from Hudson, Florida. I have been listening to Ravi for 10 years at the least. I joined Connect to write and encourage Ravi and his family at this very difficult and challenging time. I have walked a similar path with my husband in 2013.

Where are you from?

What led you to join Connect?

How do you hope to contribute?


Hi @Manora welcome to Connect! Thank you for taking time to share encouragement with Ravi. Your personal insight into the situation will bring encouragement and support. I pray that God really blesses you and that you find Connect a loving community to be part of.

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Hi Allison, I sent a personal message through the connect website and I’m not sure if you guys received it. I’m here in Chennai, I came in November 2019 to visit my sister and am stuck here because of this virus. Hoping to comeback before the end of this month, God willing. Will you be able to let me know if what I sent for Brother Ravi was received. The internet connections are not that great here.
Thank you.
Be blessed!


Hi Manora, wow, that’s a long time to be stuck somewhere! I’ll see what I can do. I’m sure the message will have come through fine though. Blessings.


Hi @Manora,

Thank you for joining the community and for sharing a message with Ravi. I have searched the database for a private note from you and in Connect. I think perhaps your connection got in the way and it did not come through. You can try again here:


Dear Brother Ravi,

You gave us knowledge lest we perish for the lack of it.(Hosea 4:6)

You kept your word, there is no stone unturned!

You said you didn’t do well in school, doesn’t God use only those?

You said you liked sports, yes it shows, handling challenges.

Forty eight years of blessed bliss,

speaks volumes of you and your love,Margie.

Blessing of children who carry your torch,

speaks of your love and commitment to God!

Grandchildren are our legacy and Jude is already in it!

What a love for The Almighty,

What a life for humanity,

What a legacy for eternity,

What a reach surpassing St.Paul’s.

A welcome unparalleled,

A crown unimaginable,

A place incomprehensible,

Seat at the banquet, close to the Groom,

Conversations indescribable,

Laughter insurmountable,

Basking in HIS Glory,

Blinded by HIS Light,

Life’s purpose realized,

Love’s desire fulfilled.

With love and admiration,

Your Sister-in-Christ,

Manora Visuvasam

P.S. I’m a Chennaiaite too, came to the country 33 years ago. Lived in Suwannee, GA,1986-87. I don’t think you were in Atlanta, then. As a young bride, I’ve visited your Grandmother Viola( or was your mother’s name Viola- I might have it wrong), who was my mother-in-law’s friend. My husband, who was responsible for introducing your messages to me, had met you when you came to visit your Grandmother in Chennai. While visiting my mother, I was blessed to see and hear your 2018 New Year message, at my cousin Sam Chelladurai’s church in Chennai. Be blessed!