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Hello, All! I am live just outside of Atlanta and work as a discipleship counselor in the area, as well as, a professional artist. In my counseling, I work mostly with teen girls and young women. Many have questions about the scripture and how do we know it is true. I love getting to have these conversations with them. It challenges me in my faith and that is why I am here! I love the way these students think and engage.
I hope to learn from each of you and join meaningful discussions. Excited for the Core module!


Hey @Margalena!

Welcome to RZIM Connect!
I have had a heart for young people specifically young teen girls for quite a while, and I am very excited to read how the Lord is at work in your life in regards to being a vessel God is using in that sphere! May God grant you His joy, wisdom, and strength as you seek to know Him, not only for yourself (though that is vital), but so others may benefit from the fruit that can’t help but flourish forth.


Welcome, @Margalena! Looks like we’re neighbors - I live about an hour outside of Atlanta myself! I look forward to conversations with you on Connect!


@Margalena welcome to connect! What an amazing avenue you have! Look forward to discussions with you!


Thanks Christina! Would love to chat more and hear what has been effective for you!


That’s awesome! Hello Neighbor!

Same, Joe!

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@Margalena, I would LOVE THAT! Let’s keep in touch!

Hi Margalena. Welcome to RZIM Connect. I hope you find all the answers you need here or else you can just pop the question and I’m sure someone will be able to help. I have a passion for young people and children (orphans and those in need). God bless you!!!

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