Margaret T

Ireshopeburn County Durham.
I listen to Ucb Ireland radio station and often hear the ‘Just thinking’ Q and A sessions.
I sometimes have questions of my own and am also interested in other people’s thoughts. Who knows, I might be able to contribute? They may be facing a situation or having to defend their faith in a similar way that I already have, I could share my experience and the outcome.

What led you to join Connect?

How do you hope to participate?


Wonderful to meet you on Connect, @coolmagz - may you have great conversations with many fellow believers from around the world on this remarkable site!


Hello Margaret, so glad to meet you and look forward to any Q&A you bring to the site. I am in America, but this worldwide forum of believers and seekers welcomes you. It is a great thing to just think and ponder on the great mysteries of God and search for the answers to the questions we all have. May connect reflect your desire to do just that.



Welcome to connect @coolmagz. Thank you for deciding to join our ranks. I regularly listen to the same pod cast you do. It does start that morning well. I hope you enjoyed the conversations offered here as well as the friendships that develop. The more you are involved the more you will get out of it I’m sure. And God-bless you and your journey.


Welcome to Connect @coolmagz, thank you for joining us here and being willing to learn and grow with this community of believers. I hope your time spent on Connect is a blessing! :blush: