Hello everyone! I thought I did this before but it’s asking again for my intro.

Where are you from?Originally from Texas, but now live in Mass.

What led you to join Connect? A friend introduced me to Ravi’s Q&As and now I love listening to all the great apologists. My thirst for God’s Word reignited by listening to Chuck Missler a few years ago. I feel the urgency of our times to be ready for Jesus’s coming!

How do you hope to contribute? Reading posts and strengthening my own knowledge to pass on to others, commenting when I can and asking questions as well.


Welcome to Connect, Margie.

We can be very grateful for such friends. A friend of mine also told me about Ravi and his ministry is a great blessing for me.

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Thanks for the welcome Dan!


Hello, Margie, and welcome to Connect. :slight_smile: It’s great to hear of your hunger for the Lord being rekindled in recent years. I look forward to hearing more from your questions and posts.

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