Margot Walsh

(Margot Christina) #1

Hi there! My name is Margot, and I joined RZIM Connect yesterday. I’m from South Carolina. I joined Connect after being exposed to the “Ask Away” podcast, with Jo and Vince Vitale of RZIM, in which they mentioned this forum. In terms of contributing, I’ll probably be able to offer far more questions, than any sort of answers. I am especially ready to learn more about the topics of sexuality, suffering, evil, justice, other religions, and charismatic theology (to name a few :slight_smile:

(Scott Dockins) #2



The Connect community is an excellent place for questions!

There could be no answer without there first being a question.

May our Lord Jesus bless you on your learning journey and may your relationship with Him be better for it.

(Carson Weitnauer) #3

Hi @margotchristina,

Wonderful! As Scott mention, we consider each question a gift. And it is a blessing to have you bring your curiosity and desire for the truth into the community!

Our desire is to create an incredibly kind and empathetic community with every post. I look forward to the conversations we have together.