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Greetings from outside Charlotte, NC. I am originally from St.Louis, Missouri. I joined Conect looking for guidance and application of God’s precepts in current culture. I don’t know I can contribute anything. I find I know less and less (esp per my children). I am a pharmacist seeking understanding of the tangents where mechanisms of action meet miracles.

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@Maria1 Welcome to Connect! So glad you’re joining us and I am excited to hear how the Lord is at work in your life. May you grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus through your time here on Connect! You may find some of these threads on miracles helpful :slight_smile:

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Welcome, Maria. How blessed your children must be to have a mother who is seeking the Lord. Love this thought,

I joined Connect looking for guidance and application of God’s precepts in current culture

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welcome to RZIM connect. Apparently its part of the rite to membership to also welcome a new member, probably because the software algorithm thinks it shows that you sufficiently feel part of the “community” to welcome others. Considering my struggle with my comments getting in the way of others I don’t think I am, but welcome anyhow.
Your line

made me smile, thinking of the pharmacist mixing up the miracle cure.
Miracles are to most of us the most normal things in the world, and to look for miracles in the “supernatural” by looking for the abnormal as to defy normality thus declaring normality being not good enough is not a path that leads us away from God to looking for something that creates a wishful reality.

If we cannot see the miracle that is alive in our children, and the love we feel for them, we are unlikely to understand miracles for what they are. So if you look at the mechanism of action leading to a miracle, it’s easy. Just live the word of God and you will see one happen.