Hi ! First of all I’m so sorry if I don’t make myself very clear, I’m from Chile so I speak Spanish, so this is my trying as hard as I can to learn how to write in English (is so much easy for me to read english).

I did a few years ago some courses from RZIM in Spanish and I love Ask Away, the podcast, so when I heard of this space I wanted to be a part of it. So here I am :smile:

I hope to give I new perspective on the topics of discussion because of my background and my story, I want to learn more about the Lord to glorify Him :slight_smile:


Hi @mairiela, welcome! You did a great job introducing yourself in English :slightly_smiling_face: Please do engage with us as much as you like. There is also a Spanish link here. It’s wonderful to meet you and I hope to hear more from you :heart:


Wow, thanks so much!


Hi @mairiela Welcome to connect. Good to have you here.
You made yourself clear. I myself isn’t good in English but I do understand what you’re writing.


Hi Mariela, you did wonderfully writing in English. I’m looking forward to your perspective on things with your background. I’m always curious to know how the Lord moves in parts of the world I don’t know about. Enjoy your time here!

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Hi Mariela!

Welcome. Have a noticeably blessed day.


Mariela, :chile:
Great job girl, your English writing is muy bueno. :smiley:
The RZIM Academy has added a few new courses, have you looked them over yet?

I am also an avid listener of “Ask Away” myself. There is an “Ask Away” section on connect as well, have you visited that part of the forum?

I look forward to reading your perspective and finding out more about your background and story.


Bienvenida and I pray that you find what you are looking for.
Paz y bien!

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Hello Mariela @mairiela and welcome to connect
It a pleasure meeting you. Don’t worry your introduction is well understood. And you are doing great. We are always ready to receive your contributions so feel free to join the conversations always.
Thank you
Grow in Grace.


¡Bienvenida, Mariela! Your English is great, and it will be fantastic to hear your story. Saludos del equipo de RZIM en Madrid (Fundación RZ). ¡Un abrazo!