Mario Ruiz

Say hello…
Hello, my name is Mario. I was raised catholic, lost contact with God for the majority of my life once I started college. My testimonial for finding Jesus is a long (30+ year) empty and painful journey (death, divorce, near bankruptcy, failed significant post divorce relationship, and cancer) that eventually has led me to stop doing it “my way” and trusting His way. I made this decision to follow Jesus while I was alone for several days on the shores of Lake Tahoe, California in late Sept 2018. I was baptized in May 2019.

Where are you from?
I am originally from small town in Southern California but have been living in North Texas since 2001.

What led you to join Connect?
As a newbie, born again Christian, I have been reading and seeking as much information as I can about the Christian faith. I had gone through Rick Warren’s “purpose driven life” and was going through various pastors videos when I stumbled upon a YouTube video featuring Ravi and I was mesmerized. This led me to his website and here I am…

I saw something about “the core” curriculum and believe it is something I would like to take to learn more about Jesus. I would be appreciative, if anyone could point me towards that set of classes.

How do you hope to contribute?
At this stage of my Christian development, it will most likely by asking questions. I feel I have a lot to learn. I am looking forward to interacting with fellow Christians to grow spiritually.

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in your esteemed company.


Welcome Mario. My name is Tina, I
‘I’m 59 & I’m in Texas! I found RZIM the same way you did. I also was captivated by
Mr Ravi. He is very intelligent and very kind as he speaks. The whole team is GREAT! My situation is somewhat similar to yours. Sometimes, I have to experience terrible things for GOD to get my attention! This last time, it was the death of my brother. It worked. Now I listen to Mr Ravi ever chance I can.l love the whole RZIM ministry. I hope you do also. Thank you for sharing with us! May GOD BLESS YOU…


Hello, and welcome to Connect, @Ibemar! Thank you for sharing a bit of your story with us. I rejoice with you in your baptism this past May! I am sorry for all the pain that you have experienced, but I do pray that you will continue to know life and freedom that is found only in Christ. :slight_smile:

You asked about the Core Module, and I wanted to send along this link to the information on the RZIM Academy. It’s a great way to challenge oneself with structured study and group interaction. @Keldon_Scott is one who is extremely knowledgeable in this area, and there are many others on here who have taken that and other modules.

Until then, do reach out with your questions or utilise the search function (:mag:) at the top of the page to search for topics that interest you. We’re glad to have you here!


A warm welcome to you, Mario! @Ibemar
So glad that you’ve found us :blush:

Thanks for sharing a bit of your story- thanking God with you for the way He pursued you through the years- not losing sight of you- even for 30 years, even through the disappointments…
Those days at Lake Tahoe (almost a year ago- congrats!!!) must have been pretty amazing.

So great you have a date and a moment to remember when you turned toward Him.

We do have a Testimony category if you’d like to share there, as well! You’ll find others have posted, as well- some inspiring stories out there! We all have one :heart:

I hope you’ll check out the Core Module- thanks to @KMac for passing on the info for you!
You will love the chance to really dig into your faith, and understand better how to interact and engage with unbelievers around you. Definitely recommend!!

Be blessed, Mario- enjoy looking around!


Praise God for His unfailing love and goodness to you and all who have been called into union with Him through faith in Jesus Christ.

It is so encouraging to hear your testimony of God’s mercy and grace in your life.

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Thank you Tina for your kind words and sharing similarities in finding Christ. Also it’s good to hear that you love the RZIM ministry. It reassures me that I am making the right decision in reaching out to the RZIM community. Thank you and likewise may God Bless You as well. Take care

Thank you Kathleen for the warm welcome and pointing me towards the Core Module. I signed up! Thank you again for the tips to search out for questions and I am looking forward to learning more from my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ here in the RZIM community. thank you again.

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Thank you Heidi for the warm welcome and kind words. I am looking forward to the Core Module. I hope to get better at the skills to listen and pass along the Good News in a kind, loving and attractive way to bring the people I interact closer, to Jesus. thank you again for the warm welcome.

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Thank you Billie for your kind words. He has blessed my life in so many ways and didn’t give up on me. It’s just taken me a long time to realize it but I am grateful to begin the process of opening my eyes and transforming my heart. Take care

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This Sunday, the message was on Jesus parable of the unjust Judge…
He started with “Men ought always to pray…and never give up”.

Jesus’s injunction is to pray …
Prayer expresses confidence, trust in God…(not in ourselves)
Coupled with “never give up…or faint not” … gives the anxious, vulnerable child of God …hope!
We cannot live without love and hope…
God provided both abundantly for us in Jesus Christ!
We have reason to rejoice in so great a salvation!

Blessings in our precious Saviour.

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You are most welcome @Ibemar

Your testimony is so great.
Remember…All things works together for good to them that love the Lord and are called according to his purpose… Its never too late or wasted with God.

Enjoy the rest of life with God. Hold fast!
Salvation belongs to our God.


Totally agree ! I took something Mr Zacharias said about starting your day as soon as you wake up in am. It really has helped to start the day well. I try to pray throughout the day and it has changed my bleak outlook to one filled with hope. I read at night the Bible at night. It’s has been a wonderful transformation and has changed my heart. It’s been incredible. Thanks again for your comments. I really do appreciate your wisdom and kind words.

Thank you! It has taken me a while to not only understand it but accept it. A part of me is slightly disappointed I didn’t seek Him sooner but the overwhelming majority of me is happy I DID find Him. It’s been an amazing year and I am grateful for everything He has done in my life for I know it all does work into His master plan for my life. Thank you for taking the time to comment. I appreciate your thoughts and words.