Marion Bauer

Hello! I live on the coast of Virginia but I’ve been fortunate enough to have traveled in many different countries, experiencing different cultures from childhood thru my adult life. I’m excited about joining Connect because it’s so encouraging to be a part of something where people can share their deep love and appreciation of Jesus Christ, where we can encourage others to share their faith, and hear testimonies about what God is doing in His world today.

I also have a great sense of anticipation about the effect that RZIM is having and will have in the academic community, where there has in recent years been an increasing influence of atheism. I believe the same will happen (and may already be happening) in the world of sports and then in the arts. Let’s dare to pray big prayers that the God would use RZIM and us individually to influence kings and politicians, producers, actors, writers, sports figures, singers, corporate giants, and our neighbors in order that they would know the love of Christ which surpasses knowledge and which God has poured out into our hearts by His Holy Spirit.

I pray fervently that God continue to greatly bless this ministry and I’m grateful that by God’s providence, I stumbled across it!


Hello, @marion.bauer, and welcome to Connect! It’s wonderful to hear of your enthusiasm and heart for the world to know God. Looking forward to reading more of your posts. I spent a summer along the coast of Virginia - a beautiful community!


Hello @marion.bauer
You are most welcome. We thank God for your life and the experiences He gave you. RZIM has continue to be a great blessings to us all.

I am looking forward to receiving your gifts of questions, testimonies and contributions. Feel free to engage and explore the community.

With love.


Hi Marion! @marion.bauer
So glad you’ve joined :relaxed:

Your travels throughout life sound so neat!!
I can just imagine the global perspective you’ve gained- blessed I’m sure!

I love your enthusiasm for praying big prayers- yes! I’m with you.

Enjoy exploring Connect and chiming in as you feel led :heart:


Loved your heart here. That is awesome. Welcome aboard @marion.bauer. Thank you for coming along side us. Your prayers and care will be a blessing to this site. I agree with you about change. When God’s children are equipped and transformed it is infectious. Untold millions. Let your prayers be answered. God-bless you and your journey.


I have a neighbor one street over…last name also Bowman. I dont know them personally but another neighbor that I’m close with speaks very highly of them. How crazy would that be if it were one and the same!


Dear Marion
you’re very welcome to the forum. Nice to have you on board.
All the best!