Marion Wangoi

Hello, I am Marion Wangoi currently an undergraduate student from Kenya. I finished the RZIM academy Core Module and was invite to join RZIM Connect. I hope to learn and unlearn so as to be shaped in my daily interractions with others in the hope of winning some to Christ.


Sounds like the Apostle Paul and what he had to do, in reality what we all had to do. Thank you for realizing our need to divorce ourselves from some former thinking. Hope the Spirit quickenes your heart in your walk to truth. Be safe, and careful my sister.


Welcome to Connect Marion! Wow, you are right. Don’t we all have to unlearn as we are learning? I love that perspective. We are glad you could join us and look forward to sharing this growing experience with you! :blush:


@wangoimarion15 Welcome! I appreciate your humility and word picture of learning and unlearning. We do, indeed, need to do both. God bless you in your journey. I look forward to interacting with you about sundry things.

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Welcome aboard @wangoimarion15. So glad to have you joining connect from Kenya. Congratulations on completing the course. What was your favorite part? I thought the course was instrumental in foundation. I trust that you will enjoy meeting some members here is well as engaging in meaningful discussion. God-bless you and your journey.


Welcome Marion and thank you for precious words. I having been praying for the people in the eastern part of Africa concerning the locusts, as well as the CoViD-19. Are you and your family well?

Ps. 25: 5b

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Thank you Keldon. My favourite part was realising that apologetics is not just about winning an argument but presenting Christ. That is what I have been trying to do in the few engagements I have had since compliting the course . I know I will. God bless you too


Thank you Lyla. Thank you for the prayers. There are no updates of where the locusts are in the recent days but I trust that is behind us now. Thank you for the prayers. I know that God has heard and is continuing to do something about COVID-19. We are safe as a family, thank you.

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Thank you Brendan. God bless you too. I look forward too. Still learning how to engage here.

Thank you Carrie. We all do. I am glad I could join😊. I look forward to growing through our sharing.

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Thank you Mike