Mark Allen

(Mark Allen) #1

Hello all,
My name is Mark. Enjoy reading the discussion points of those who follow Jesus. I look forward to engaging in fruitful conversation to encourage us all!

(Brittany Bowman) #2

Welcome to Connect, Mark. :smiley: Glad you’ve joined us! I, too, seeing others’ thoughts who follow Jesus. It’s been both an encouragement and a wonderful challenge.

(Mark Allen) #3

Thanks! Yes a bit overwhelming with conversation but anticipate a new frontier of community to revel Gods truth.
Thank you for saying welcome!

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(Sanjib ghosh) #4

Dear @Mallen,
welcome to the connect.

(Olivia Davis) #5

Hi Mark! Thanks for joining us and introducing yourself. We’re glad to have you here. RZIM Connect is home to so many fruitful conversations – and I can’t wait to see you partake in them also!

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