Mark Becking

Hey guys and girls :slight_smile:

My name is Mark Becking. I’m a South African Mississippian currently living in Mississippi, USA. I completed the RZIM core module and am currently doing an elective or 2.

I hope I can learn and help others learn more about who Jesus is and who we are in His light.


Hello Mark, so glad to meet you. I have not been on Connect long but have learned so much in this friendly, gracious place. Jump in share your testimony post a question enjoy the blessing.


@markiiii Nice to meet you!

Hello Mark
My name is André and have just joined connect in the last few minutes. Also South African living in South Australia!!


Welcome to Connect @markiiii!

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Hi Mr Mark!

Welcome to RZIM connect and to the good ole South of the USA,

You are very adorable in your introduction! It will be such a pleasure to see more of you sir!

The core module was off the chain amazing and also the other modules I have had the good grace of our Lord to be a part of as well.

I think you totally said all, ’ learn about who Jesus is and who we are in his light.’

I believe connect is that place where we can come, from all over the world, to share, learn, and evolve as Christians to serve our Lord more fully.

Thank you for comiing aboard!


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Welcome aboard @markiiii. Thanks for coming along side us here at connect. Congratulations on completing the core module too. Best to you with the electives. I am looking forward to the start of the Ethics elective. They are so rich and impactful. God-bless you and your journey.

Welcome Mark! It’s great to meet you!

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