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Mark J. Erickson

Say hello…Hi! I am Mark Erickson. I am a Lutheran Pastor.

Where are you from? I live in Minnesota

What led you to join Connect? I didn’t know about it until now!

How do you hope to participate? I have been a pastor, a foreign missionary, a seminary professor. I am now a pastor of two small congregations. I love teaching and especially teaching people who are anxious to learn and grow in their faith. I love that Ravi and his family chose Luther’s hymn, “A Mighty Fortress,” for his memorial service!


Welcome to Connect, Mark! I think you will find this a very encouraging community. I look forward to your contributions!


Hello Pastor Erickson,

You are very welcome here at RZIM Connect.

My hope is that this community and ministry would equip and help you on your pastoral.

Feel free to ask questions.
God bless!


Thank you, Domingo!

God bless you!


Hello, Mark! I am not familiar with modern Lutheranism, so I look forward to hearing your perspective about various things on RZIM Connect. I am curious to know how you came to pastor two congregations. God bless!

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Welcome aboard @MJErickson. It is good to have you joining connect. We are glad that you are here especially with your experiences. I am sure many members will benefit from your guidance and care. Where are you at in Minnesota. My mom and dad are in Duluth. I hope that you are able to find some time on a regular basis to come alongside some members here who have questions and need Christian friendship. God-bless you and your journey.

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Hi @MJErickson, it’s wonderful to have you here. I trust you will be a blessing as you share your experiences, thoughts and insight.
Take care


Pastor Erickson,
Welcome! There is so much here to choose from!
Tho’ I’m methodical (which usually mean steady but behind), I have absolutely loved my COVER TO COVER book studies!

Enjoy researching all that is offered by RZIM.