Mark Klein

(Mark Klein) #1

My name is Mark. I live in Las Vegas, NV. I joined connect after finishing the core module. I am excited to continue learning and asking others for insight. I travel extensively so any questions regarding different cultures or regions would be my stronger subjects.

(Carson Weitnauer) #2

Hi @mark.everett.klein,

Welcome! Congrats on finishing the core module! This community is a great way to keep learning. We’re always looking for people who can offer a humble, caring and insightful answer to questions about different cultures. I look forward to your contributions.

(Rustin Wilson ) #3

Welcome, Mark. Would you say that observing different cultures helps one see his own humanity more clearly?

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(Olivia Davis) #4

Hi Mark! Welcome to Connect. It is a fantastic place to keep learning and growing!

Very cool to have a traveller among us! What are some of your favorite places that you have gone?

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