Mark Lopez

Say hello… Hello everyone and TY for allowing me to be a part of this group.

Where are you from? I am currently in the USA, Fresno CA and originally from the Monterey and Santa Clara counties.

What led you to join Connect? I am a Servant of our Lord and completed course studies from RZIM a few years ago and wanted to reconnect.

How do you hope to contribute? My personal life and testimony of His righteousness is all that I have. I hope to contribute my experience in this life and everything that I have to be able to parallel in His and through His word.

Always in His love 1st, Mark Lopez, Servant 1st, Ignite Men’s Ministry of Cornerstone Church in Fresno CA.

If there is ever a need and I can be a hand extended to others, please do not hesitate to ask. I am about the Father’s business in reaching the Whosoever’s and going out to pray for, provide for and encourage people.


@BeEncourage Hi Mark! It’s great you’ve come to reconnect here. I’m so pleased to see you serve in a Men’s Ministry - I think this is a blessing and resource so very needed. I look forward to hearing you share your experiences with others in the discussions. Blessings.

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Welcome aboard @BeEncourage. Good to have you with us. Tell us a little more about your ministry if you’d be so kind. Glad that you have completed some of those courses like the core module I presume. Enjoy your time here. There are so many kind and well read individuals here. The connections are strong and the discussions are deep. God-bless you and your journey.

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TY Alison, and likewise, I am excited about where I can help and share.
Really missed the RZIM family and it’s been a while now since completing the Core Module.

You’re all a great example for me to pursue business in reaching others and standing up for the Lord.

Always in His love 1st, Servant 1st, Mark Lopez.


Hi @BeEncourage, thank you for your heartfelt introduction :pray:t3: I trust you will be an encouragement as you engage here in this community. Please do share your experiences, your thoughts and insight as we glean from one another :slightly_smiling_face:
Take care and enjoy your time here :pray:t3:


Welcome my brother, Mark it is good to meet you here at connect, I am a native Delawarean in West Virginia. Do you meet with your band of brothers more now in the current covid crisis digitally? I am so glad for all our friends on connect, and you my new friend with a servants heart, I appreciate your spirit of enthusiasim.


Kel, I became a part of this ministry, 12 years ago. It was at a point in life, when I thought that I had it all figured out. All meaning, my walk in the Lord, my understanding and of course all was well, right where I was at. But God, intervened and redirected my path.

Today I am now a servant 1st and leader of a powerful men’s ministry, where we are there to equip, empower and ignite the men of our church, Cornerstone Church and other men from all walks of life. Our declaration statement to the men is simple, ‘If the man of the house changes, the entire house will change’. We typically serve 150-185 men every Tuesday night. Dinner at 5:30 pm, 6:30 pm Praise and Worship and from 7-7:30 pm a message for men.

We also offer discipleship training and participate locally with other men;s groups to build unity in the community in prayer meetings and other men’s ministry events.

Always in His love 1st, Servant 1st, Mark Lopez.

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TY Mr. Mike, Unfortunate we are unable to meet as the result of CV-19. I am doing a live stream through our Facebook account, find us at Cornerstone Church - Ignite Men’s Ministry. For the time being, i am going live at 5:00 pm on Tuesday, calling it ‘Ignite Men’s Huddle’. Basically there promoting words of encouragement to those who watch us regularly and do not attend because geographic locations and encouraging other who attend regularly to watch us for time being.

I do what I do because I am my brothers keeper and what I have experienced and all that I know of a man, speaking to me first, is we need each other and we just need to be able to meet each other where we are at and allow the Spirit to do His part. Someone demonstrated the unconditional love of Christ to me and I am forever changed, giving what was given to me.

Love you to my newest Brother.

Always in His Love 1st, Servant !st, Mark Lopez


Sounds awesome. May the spirit guide. Is there a link to your Tues. event?

Mark, thank you for sharing with me, I am certain it will be a blessing for all that participate. I am reminded as I read,
“give and it it shall be given” we freely recieved freely give.
Can I access [quote=“BeEncourage, post:8, topic:29814”]
‘Ignite Men’s Huddle’.

If I dont have Facebook. If so how would I do that? Continued blessings on your journey my friend, and fellow servant.

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