Mark Osborne

Hello, everyone

Where are you from? I live in Denton Texas

What led you to join Connect? I listen to RZIM YouTube videos while I’m driving to/from work.

How do you hope to contribute? Since I work in academia, I think that some of Ravi’s videos dealing with philosophical questions may be beneficial to send to some of my professors.


Hello Mark, welcome to Connect. This is a good idea to listen to RZIM videos while driving :smiley: I’ve done that on longer distances too. That makes me think again and again. You can also share the videos well and I think that they are certainly interesting for academics. Is there a certain video that you can recommend? I look forward to hearing from you.


Mark, in this Body of Christ where we all have our part (literally), it’s good to have you aboard. You have a lot to offer and Connect has a lot to feed you as well. It’s good to have you along!


Welcome aboard @Osbornemarks. I do the same thing. Love Just Thinkin in the mornings and Let My People Think on Saturdays. Very glad you have joined connect. Let is know how the videos you pass on to the professors impact them if you would. God-bless you and your journey.


Hi Mark,
Welcome here! Glad to see another new person! I signed up a few days ago too and have begun to enjoy the topics articles.
God bless!


A warm welcome, Mark! @Osbornemarks
So glad you’ve joined. Enjoy looking around and seeing the many great topics and conversations out there!