Mark Rambo

Hello, my name is Mark Rambo. I live with my wife Marianne in Poulsbo, Washington state (USA). I’m a retired engineer. Last summer (2019) I resigned from the board and stopped volunteering at the local rescue mission (concerned of effectiveness) and I desired to keep mind active and to be involvement and took the core module.

For many years have appreciated RZIM for depth of thought and participation in venues not often accessed by other organizations. Many years ago, I attempted to lead an apologetic class at local church that created more heat than light. I love the gentleness and respect RZIM exhibits and looking forward to learning and growing (even as an old guy).


@mark.rambo Nice to meet you!

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Welcome to Connect @mark.rambo I look forward to learning from you.

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Welcome aboard @mark.rambo. I think you will find this forum very engaging and informative. Thank you for coming alongside of us. Congratulations on completing the core module in establishing those foundations taught there. Please share them here as well as Washington. God-bless you and your journey.

Welcome @mark.rambo, its great to have you here :slightly_smiling_face: What impacted you most in the core module? I too love the gentle and respectful tone RZIM exhibits. I believe that is part of the reason so many have become interested in Apologetic’s these days. Well, we never stop learning and growing and I am no spring chicken myself :hatching_chick: I am sure we will be blessed by you sharing your experience, knowledge and wisdom :pray:

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I concur as another old guy. Mark you are a blessing and I look forward to further quality discussions on the forum.

Hi Mark! Nice to see you here! We were in the Core together and I loved your insights. I didn’t realize you were in Paulsbo! I’m in Edmonds! I’d love to meet up sometime with our spouses, too! I’d also love to hear more about what you learned in your challenging experience conducting an apologetic class. We all have so much to learn! Blessings to you!

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Welcome, Mark! We oldsters can still learn new tricks. Now if we could just remember them. . . :wink:

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Ravi is still learning and growing at his age (he’ll turn 73 in March), Luis Pilau hosted CityFest, an evangelistic outreach in New York City’s Central Park that drew 60,000 people at age 81, and Billy Graham preached his final crusade at age 86. These servants of God serve as a real inspiration for geriatric believers who wonder if we still have anything to offer. BTW, in addition to praying about Ravi’s back surgery, please keep evangelist Luis Pilau in your prayers. He announced on Facebook that he has stage IV lung cancer.

Thank you for the welcome Tamara. Yes, we will have get our spouses and met sometime.

Greetings and thank you Jon

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Thank you Brian

Thank you Scott

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Thank you Katherine