Mark W

Here from Ontario, Canada
I have been listening to Ravi and many others from RZIM for a few years now. Many thins learned and I appreciate this forum as it helps me to see that others have questions like myself. It is strange that these things are not mentioned more in church settings. So again, my thanks for this forum.
How do you hope to contribute?
I want to know more about others struggles, Jesus Christ (even the hard stuff) and share my own questions, etc.


Dear Mr, Mark!

You have come to the right place!

Do we not all struggle? And how beautiful you put this up front in your kind humility.

Already there is something special in our Lord about you !

I can not wait to read your words.

Welcome sir to connect.


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Welcome to Connect Mark! It is true that people with questions like you and I have are drawn to this forum. We are spread all over the world, and I have wondered why we don’t hear these things spoken of in churches as well but I suppose as questions and answers surface it takes years to catch on. I had never been exposed to teaching like we get from RZIM before but it’s out there. I am sure many would love to know about it so let’s just spread the word!

We are glad you have joined us to learn from each other! :grin:

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@Mark2 Nice to meet you!

Hi @Mark2, it’s so nice to meet you, welcome :slightly_smiling_face: I am glad to hear you have found this forum helpful. I look forward to reading some of your insight in the conversations. Just yesterday, I logged on and saw a topic concerning a struggle I was having. Reading through the conversation and gleaning from others really lifted my spirit and gave me a new perspective. Very encouraging! I trust you will be blessed as you engage in this environment :pray:

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Welcome aboard Mark, thanks for your intro. Questions are the spice of life in that it helps everyone to dig deeper and challenge our thinking. Evaluation of our thoughts is part of growth leading to maturity. Good to meet you.

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