Martina Dragojevic

Hi! :slight_smile:

I am originally from Croatia, but American raised. I currently live in South Florida.

I joined RZIM Connect to meet fellow believers and go deeper in my faith by asking the hard, honest questions so I can grow and be a better witness for the Lord.

I also want to learn what others are going through and offer my presence, support, and encouragement so that we can all run together as we bear one another’s burdens.


@martina1121 ,

Welcome to Connect! Wonderful to have you join this community with your passion to deepen your faith and bless others. I hope and pray that you find the answers you are looking for. Looking forward to growing and learning with you! God bless!

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Welcome aboard @martina1121. I loved your statement:

I believe you came to the right for that. I appreciate your heart and desire. Please offer that encouragment to those who are suffering here if you would be so kind. You will perpetuate the friendly atmosphere and assistance that is provided by the members. God-bless you and your journey.

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