Marxism and the Christian world view and others

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I am looking for the best book on marxism between the Christian world view and others. The good, the bad, and ugly

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Hello @LaRoy_Graham. I believe this is a good book as a survey of different worldviews:

This includes views about Marxism and the Christian worldview as well which you specifically stated. The good thing about this book is that it’s easy to read.

Another good book about different worldviews is this:

This may be a harder read for some people, but is still a very good resource. It does not talk about Marxism like the first book I shared though.

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This book isn’t only on Marxism, but it certainly has a thorough critique of Marxist economic theory. The good part is it actually offers a way forward for how we as Christians can recapture a more moral, and social form of capitalism.

I am only recommending this after hearing the author, Ken Barnes, interviewed in this podcast put out by Biola University. I haven’t actually read it. But, I’m making an educated guess that it is very good. The interview alone makes me think that this will be an excellent resource on this topic. Barnes’ credentials are impressive, and his explication on the issue of marxist communism and economic liberalism (i.e. free-market capitalism) is incisive. I would suggest listening to the interview to whet your intellectual appetite. My sense is you’ll probably want to get the book. I know I do.

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@LaRoy_Graham Here are a few additional articles you may consider reading. Peter Hitchens life story is interesting because as a young man he became marxist, but quickly saw how destructive marxism really was… You might also consider reading some of Muggeridge’s work. Christ be with you.

“Marx and Freud are the two great destroyers of Christian civilization, the first replacing the gospel of love by the gospel of hate, the other undermining the essential concept of human responsibility.” Malcolm Muggeridge

“Instead of looking toward the cross of Christ for mercy for both the world’s and his own rebellion, Marx looked for justice in the structure of society and he believed that harmony could only be achieved via a revolution of the masses”

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I would like to second the Peter Hitchens recommendation. One of the things that he did in his book was to compare a book written by Sidney and Beatrice Webb entitled Soviet Communism: A New Civilization? It was published in 1930 and was billed as well researched book on the USSR under Stalin and gave a glowing review of Communism in action, Hitchens contrasted the book with his real life experiences. it kind of like a two for.

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