Mary Ellen

Hello. I’m from Rhode Island and am looking forward to hearing this forum tonight. Unfortunately, nothing is happening yet. I hope the livestream can begin soon.

Where are you from?

What led you to join Connect?

How do you hope to contribute?


Same here, waiting to start the live streaming. I am interested to watch this 'cause I used to an atheist before :slight_smile:

Hope we could share to people what could learn from this. Let’s enjoy the streaming <3

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Hi Mary Ellen @mes! So pleased to have you with us this evening. We have the Livestream audio back on, so I hope you are still tuned in and enjoying the talk. Blessings as you explore our community here on Connect!

Thanks, Liz. As usual, Abdu and Ravi were wonderful. I listen to an RZIM podcast everyday.

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@mes Nice to meet you!

Welcome Mary Ellen. Like you I’m a newbie to Connect. I also enjoyed watching last night. It always educational and fills me with wonder how Abdu and Razi are able to answer all the questions.

Yes, Sylvia. I’m a big fan. God has me pursuing apologetics because there are atheists in my family. I’m learning!

Hello Mary Ellen! :wave: Welcome to Connect!