from Northern Minnesota…
woods/wildlife/singing/composing/deep conversations

felt like someone “heard” my philosophical self the first time I heard Ravi Zacharias on the radio some 10 years ago and wept in the car.

I’m auditory… so this isn’t the best venue for me to connect.
but I love & appreciate the work going on here… so here I am!


Hi @Mayre,

Welcome! I am guessing you get to see some of the most glorious and beautiful parts of God’s creation in northern Minnesota! Ravi’s message has a transformative impact on people!

Even if you mainly want to listen in, I trust you’ll find these conversations encouraging. As an auditory person, you may especially like to see the discussions taking place about RZIM’s podcasts: #podcast-discussions


Welcome aboard @Mayre. Really glad to have you connecting with us. I just came back from the Big Sandy Lake area where my folks have cottage. Loved it. Tranquil. We will have to do some audio feeds for you. But in the meantime please participate as often as you are able. God-bless. I look forward to reading your posts.


Hi @Mayre, thank you for introducing yourself to us and welcome :pray:t3:
There are some very profound podcast here that I am sure you will enjoy. If you feel comfortable engaging, we would appreciate your insight, but observing is fine too. Take care :heart:


thanks for writing

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thanks for writing <3


thanks for writing…

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