Mashinkah Bahston

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Not a boxed Christian. A Saved Messiah, Christ, Savior ‘TRUSTER.’ Grateful to the LORD for not drop kicking us, when Adam and Eve willfully did not believe the WORD, but the LORD God made good on His promise to RESCUE and RESTORE us even with His Own Life as God the Son.

Personally saved by the Holy Spirit in a Coloring Book Easter Sunday School Class while still in the Single Digits.

An immigrant’s child. Studied 5 instruments, picking up one. Studied gymnastics, ballet, tap, and modern. Felt stupid all my life. In Isaiah 40, the LORD’s knowledge is insurmountable, a realization that I am stupid, which started yhe crumbs to the wisdom trail for me.

Went back, back, and back to schools. Yet God’s baby finger nail clippping surpasses my degrees, abilities, – LOVE, mercy, kindness, and strength.

I am still hungering for more YESHUA Jesus in my LIFE. I know God is knocking on hearts in Boston. Calling Christians to daily repentance. And placing people in our paths to pray for, speak to, lay hands on. Now is the day of salvation.

Our lives are vapors.

Your Sistah from the same Heavenly Father, Mashinkah,
Russian Birthname

P.S. May Jesus be our daily bread, our validation of identity, and the riches in this LIFE. Without Him we merely decay. With Him we have LIFE now and forever. Amazing Love!

(joanne) #2

What an introduction!. Welcome Mashinkah!

(Olivia Davis) #3

Hi Mashinkah! What a fantastic introduction! I loved that you came to know Jesus through a coloring book. What instruments do you play? I’m a musician and my musician’s heart belongs to the piano!

I really like your expression “crumbs to the wisdom trail…” That’s a beautiful way of describing how we grow gradually in our knowledge of God.

We’re very happy that you’re here! I hope to hear more of your insights out on the forums!

(Mashinkah Bahston) #4

Picking up guitar again. God willing. I will keep it going. Glad you were blessed. Keep playing.

I just think of King David. He was worshipping God sometimes nonstop tending sheep for hours alone. Then for King Saul, because he was restless at night. David realized and called the LORD, the God of His Salvation. “God inhabits the praises of His people.” Keep it going.

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