Hello all! My name is Matthew, I’m a minister from Detroit, MI. This is my first post! I have come to know over the last few years that there are aspects of the Bible I just never have been familiar with (taught). One of those being the baptism of the Holy Spirit, I feel like I don’t know all this entails. Are we all capable of speaking in tounges?


Hi Matthew,

Nice to know you. Welcome to the Connect family.

For your great question, which is something many people are interested to know and can learn from, I will like to encourage you to re-ask that question by posting it in the Bible Questions or Christian Growth category. We will all be more than glad to chip in and help you deal with it.

With that said, look forward to see you around in our other discussions.
Blessings in Christ,


Hello, Matthew, and welcome to Connect. :slight_smile: Thanks for your heart to lead His flock- I appreciate your servant heart. Like Roy said, you may find better response for your question by reposting, and I look forward to the discussion that follows! If you have troubles, check out this post to get you started!


Thank you both so much! God bless you! :heart:

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Hi @MattAlex, it’s so nice to meet you. I see you have already put your question out there in Christian Growth. I trust you will get a variety of answers from some knowledgeable believers here soon.
Welcome to connect. Keep asking those questions and feel free to engage in the conversations :slightly_smiling_face: