Matthew Sharp

Hello everyone!

I am from the US and I am here trying to re discover my faith. I was raised in a family full of pastors and christian teachings, I started really studying what I believed about 6 years ago and it ultimately led me to agnosticism. However I want to find middle ground and answers. I’m married and have a 6 year old daughter. My wife is a christian, she feels alone and longs for my companionship in faith with her and raising our daughter. She witnessed me make this transformation after my mother passed from cancer. She misses the man she married as donI miss our companionship and connection through our faith.

I hope to contribute by my own change from christian to agnostic and back to christian.

Thank you everyone


Welcome Aboard @MSHARP. So glad you have sought out a family that can help. It’s hard to know what particular areas you struggle. Let us know if you could. In the meantime, though, we are glad you are here. And, we are glad you are being challenged by your commitment to your wife and family. Surf this site. The discussions are robust and will help engage your wife as you describe a conversation that you have read and pondered. Keep us posted. Challenge the various categories with your doubt and concerns especially as sincerely as you are. If you are open to it, please pray that your eyes are opened and the light can enable your relationship with your wife to be solid and your position as father can be guided divinely. God bless this journey you are on. Know that we pray for you and know that God is the Hound from Heaven who will not give up on you. You are needed in the kingdom, so jump in. :grinning:


Thank you sir. And yes I have already begun praying for wisdom and understanding. Its very difficult at this time I must say. I feel as though I have no idea what I’m saying even but I still remember the principle of faith that if I seek with a open heart and mind I will find my understanding and that joy of knowing and trusting will return to me. Thank you for your kind words and prayer :blush:


Hello Matthew,

I really identify with because with the appearance of the family, there are also Pastors who serve God’s work.

God always accompanies us in battles, I have also had health problems and so has my wife. It has been a way to grow in Faith, that’s why our second daughter is named this: Faith.

May God continue to strengthen us in our faith and help us to be passionate about him in every step we take,


Hi @MSHARP. Welcome to connect. Thank you for sharing your struggles with us. We are so glad you came here to seek answers. I am lifting you up in prayer. The Lord has a way of wooing us back and at the same time, giving us the time and grace we need. We are blessed to have you here. There are so many topics to read through and I trust you will find much of what you need here. Please feel free to ask questions about anything you are struggling with. As @Keldon_Scott said, keep us posted and reach out any time :pray:t3:


Welcome!! Dear @MSHARP

So amazing to read your struggles and testimony. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forevermore in his supernatural ability to meet our deepest longings, struggles and pursuit for change and transformation. I hope this is true for you.

My mom also passed from Cancer, and that wasn’t funny for me at all. Only God can give us Peace. I will remember you in my prayers and hope you and your family enjoy a great Christian fellowship and worship together.

Grace to Keep fixing your eyes on Jesus.
From Nigeria