May-Ann from Singapore

Hi, I’m May-Ann from Singapore, great to meet all of you. I worship at Thomson Road Baptist Church (830am service) and I’m currently in the marketplace, but also studying with Gateway Seminary in the USA via their online programme. Looking forward to seeing how this community evolves.


Hi @mayann, welcome to connect. Looks like you would have a lot to offer in this community. I look forward to your insight. Enjoy browsing through the site :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello, May-Ann, and welcome to Connect. It is wonderful to hear of your curiosity in knowing and studying God more deeply. I look forward to learning more from you here. Once you finish your seminary classes, you might enjoy the RZIM Core Module, it’s an online 12-week class that covers the basics of apologetics. I’m in it right now and really enjoying it!


Thank you @sig and @Brittany_Bowman1 for the welcome!


Welcome aboard @mayann. So glad to have you with us. How has the studying been going? Please help us with the growth and progression of Connect. If you find moments to share what your learning or cultural challenges you face or prayer requests please take a few moments to post. God-bless you and your journey.


Thanks Keldon. I’d love for Connect to be an invite-only LinkedIn-type community where people in the marketplace like me can be constantly reminded that our goal on earth is not the same as the world’s! The LinkedIn messages are to earn and retire as fast as possible - or just earn and climb the ladder - I think ambition is great, but greater is the One who has called us into being, so it would be great if we could grow into a believer community who collaborates to remind each other that success is good, but we always have to remember to keep figuring out how to build and point to God’s kingdom while we’re here on this earth. So I’m looking forward to Connect growing in that way (amongst other ways!)


Welcome May-Ann.

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