May we all bond together and support RZIM more during this sobering time

My name is Deborah. I am from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. A very large island made penninsula by two bridges. It is a lovely place near where the Pilgrims first landed on their trek for a New Land. As I think about that, I am reminded that Jesus is going to provide for us, a new land…and more.

I am led to join Connect on the sobering news of Ravi Zacharias cancer. I really want something positive to come out of all this sadness.
As well, what greater joy than to be joined to all of you in Jesus’ church here. It is just one more opportunity and I really want to take advantage of that. It is an opportunity that the new age of technology can allow us to enjoy. However long we have this, may it forge connections that are both near and far which will last beyond the internet.
I hope to contribute my sincere heart…well the good parts of it. :slight_smile:



Hi @moretoourlives, thank you for for such an encouraging introduction, welcome :pray:t3: I trust you will find connect a very friendly/insightful community to engage in :slightly_smiling_face: The sad news of Ravi’s cancer is sobering indeed :pensive: I look forward to your interaction here.
Take care :heart:


Thanks again,
I still cannot see posts. i suspect that i only see forward posts?

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I must search through only categories, is that correct?

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Categories to see conversations? If I understand you correctly, yes, browse through the categories ex: Bible Questions, Daily Evangelism, Science Questions, Christian Growth. Click on any of those and you will see conversations. Click on those and you will be able to read through and reply if the conversation is still open for discussion.
I hope this is helpful.
If you want to share a message for Ravi here is a link


I really like how your are called, “Sig”
I can remember Ravi mentioning that name… I can remember how it struck my mind actually.
How wonderful. You are very kind.
I had no idea that such a stunning beauty would go along with such a simple name. “Sig”
(Im laughing, I hope I am not offending you)
AHHH, forgive my light heartedness.
As a woman, sometimes it just doesnt all seem fair. (Also being sarcastic)
I shall never post an icon…bahahaha
I realize there is no depth of question in this post but a God-felt appreciation for those, like
yourself who work this Connect-blessing.
It is really a needed mechanism during this Covid-distancing and the loss of Ravi.
God bless you, Sig
You work within “hope”

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Oh gosh, as much as I would love for Ravi to have mentioned my name, he must’ve been speaking of another Sig :slightly_smiling_face:
Well, that picture was taken eight years ago on a very good day :laughing:
No offense at all :heart:
God bless you as well :pray:t3: