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Heard it on just thinking.
I do not know yet.
I have spent a lot of this summer in my wheelchair by the ballpark asking people, “Have you received the free gift of eternal life?” or “Have you received Jesus Christ as your Savior.”

Just in natural conversations.

This has opened up some surprising discussions.


Welcome to connect Michael, this is another Michael in WV USA. Praise God for your witness it had much impact on me. There is a plethora of lies, ideas and thoughts that captures the lost. It’s great to have you here with us.
Lord bless


Hi, Michael! So glad “Just Thinking” sent you our way—I am so pleased that you have taken time to come explore the Connect community! I love your boldness in broaching faith in Christ in your natural conversations. As you have been engaging with people at the ballpark, what kinds of questions or obstacles to faith do your conversation partners raise?

I’m looking forward to having your voice chime in here, Michael—I am sure your discussions have furnished you with lots of inquiries and insights which will enrich our community. Welcome to Connect!



I asked a woman whom I liked a lot if she had received the gift. She looked at me with an open honest face and said no.

I was so sure she would say yes. I was stunned.

She asked, you thought I would say yes, didn’t you?

Cutting to the end, I said, if you ever feel the tug of Jesus on your heart, just say yes. Just say yes!

The most recent encounter was with two JWs. I felt a bit ambushed. As they rattled on, I realized it was just rattling bones. The words were right, sort of, but they had no Holy Spirit in them.

I prayed, what am I to do here?

I stopped the man and asked him if he had received the gift. He forcefully replied, no. That was for after the 1000 year reign.

I gave him John 5:24 but he didn’t receive it.

I stopped him again later and just gave my testimony. He had a hard time that I now had freedom.

And one last time, I stopped the woman and asked her if she had received Jesus as her Saviour. She paused and replied, I’ll have to think about that.

My thought was, goodness what have you been telling people all this time?

He was harder and more entrenched, but I think she now has a question she has never asked or answered before.


Hello Michael! welcome aboard.
I’ve honestly never have a nerve to just ask a random person about God, I love your boldness. I hope one day I can do the same. I learn a lot from God’s people like you.


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It’s not really random. It’s part of a natural conversation. And it just falls out. There was no nerve in it really. A bit perhaps, but I covered it a little with “I don’t know how long I have to live, but I think this is the most important question I can ask.”

Or, I feel a little awkward asking this but … and then letting out an obvious question. It seems like the most natural thing to ask. The ball then bounces in their court.

But as I write this, I realize that none of this was too planned. It worked for those moments.

The next time will be different.

Perhaps a key is to be willing to dialogue and let the Holy Spirit fill in the blanks.

And be honest. It’s refreshingly well received.

I am wondering what my goal is as I write this.

I think I want to get people talking to Jesus. I have never really defined it. Before now.

I think the bottom line is that I want to point people to Jesus.

But a bit of back story. I think for years I wanted to do this but never had the courage to come right out. Or the confidence.

In late summer I heard a sermon one night with a message. “Tomorrow, ask the Lord who you can be an encouragement to.”

So as I left my house in the wheelchair next morning I asked the Lord.

I think I felt a tug — oh such a small one as if to say did that really happen at all? — to go to a certain place. It seemed ridiculous. No one ever goes there.

But I went there and within 6 minutes I was in a conversation.

It happened most days after for awhile, then the cold and now the snow have come.

What I am saying is that I am no pro, and I have failed so much. And suddenly this happened for a month and a bit. It was easy and fun really. But the effort was not mine, I think.

Now there is winter. New challenges. I did suddenly make four or five short recent YouTube videos. I found that relaxing and honest too.

I think the tenor is the same, if you want to take a look/listen.

This should take you there (though it’s not official in name - yet) - https://www.youtube.com/michaelbonner1952 I have to get 100 subscribers before I can really use it. But it works if you use it as an url (not in YouTube search)

Click on videos and it’s the last five plus Wally2, the seventh.

They were naturally put together without effort. There was, though. desire.

Would welcome any feedback. I don’t really know if what I am doing is good. Thanks.

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@mb1952, it is a pleasure to “meet” you! I’m glad you are here to put things into perspective. I love your authenticity. Here are some things you said that I admire…
"That word surrender, something I am still learning, hanging on to stuff I probably shouldn’t hang on to. But, it’s when we are empty that He comes in and fills us up. "
“Religion is mans way of trying to get to God. Jesus is Gods way of getting to man.”
"What is there to fear? I know it looks bad, that’s not going to work out, that"s horrible, oooooh noooo! (made me chuckle) but, “If I echo in trust, things always work out in the end.”
Nice going “Old Mike” love the new glasses :wink:
No advice. Keep doing what you are doing! :+1:

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Nice to meet you Michael!

Hi Michael! Welcome to Connect!

There is much to be said for planting a question, @mb1952 . Like a seed—amazing how they can grow and bear fruit.

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Welcome michael.