McMuffins, Moana, and Meaning: How Do I Know What I’m “Meant” to Do With My Life?

In today’s Take Five, Kasey Leander draws from McMuffins, Disney’s Moana and Tangled, and a cajón drum to look at our constant search for “ultimate” purpose in life. The irony is, he says, in the midst of looking and waiting, we end up doing none of the “purposeful” things we imagine.

If I’m looking for that one thing that’s going to define my entire life, then I can’t do anything unless i know that it’s the ultimate thing.

It is so easy for us to spiritualize fame, and masquerade it as an extra meaningful calling in life.

Rather than waiting for God to show us our ultimate purpose, I’m convinced that instead, we need to start looking at the things in our life as being purposeful.

Make it Personal

  • Have you found yourself searching for that one, ultimate purpose for your life? Why is it so easy to fall into this search?

  • What are some of those little things in life that are easily overlooked that contribute to being purposeful?


Great question and one I’ve asked myself for so long! What did Jesus say? “Whatever you do for the least of these, you do unto Me.” So when you tithe to a mission, you are part of sharing the gospel to those who are perishing and bringing them to Jesus. When you give a homeless person $2.00, you are giving it to the Lord. When you smile at a grocery store checker and compliment their hair or lipstick, you are brightening their day and showing the love of Jesus. How many stories have we heard from hurting people about a kind word from a stranger relieving them from despair? When you send a card to a prisoner who has no family, you cannot imagine the joy you bring to that forgotten individual. Wherever you sow kindness, relief, love, help, even in the smallest, inconsequential way, you are showing it to Him. We may not all achieve the well deserved fame of our beloved Ravi Zacharias, but we can all exercise his boundless humility in showing love to the “least of these.”


My ultimate purpose in life is, like John Piper, to glorify God in everything I do by enjoying Him here on earth and forever. I love what @Kasey_Leander said in his video, “If the God of the Bible is the God of the universe than everything we do matters”. So in everything I do, whether fixing my bed, washing the dishes, driving through traffic or taking care of my patients, I should do it as a holy and acceptable worship to the God who’s with me as I’m doing it. Nothing we do is wasted. The little things I do for the Lord may be insignificant to some but to God, it’s worthy of His attention. For me, His approval is all that matters. Thanks Kasey for this great reminder😊


This was so good for me today. I have fallen into this very lie, and wonder what my purpose is now that I am older. I have forgotten to look at the things I have already done and experienced in the past 6 decades. This helped me think back through that, and realize that as a mother, grandmother, wife and friend, the Lord has many more things for me to do. This morning I took some photos of my walk and sent to a friend who is not able to join me on a walk. Perhaps those are the things that are more purposeful than I think. Thank you for the video.