Meaghan Burke

Hi there,

I’m Meaghan, and I’ll be joining from Toronto, Canada. I’ve studied and am pursuing licensure in architecture, but I’m mixing things up a bit and starting theology studies in Toronto this fall. I’ve become interested in the potential of bridging faith and the arts.

I have been so enriched by serving and connecting cross-culturally, in my city and beyond. Over the past few years I’ve taught ESL at my church, and served with a ministry supporting families facing unexpected pregnancy. I’ve also done some short-term service overseas.

I would love to become better equipped to meet today’s questions, and emboldened to share the God we love. Looking forward to meeting you all!



Welcome to Connect @meaghan_burke
May we all grow in our knowledge that we may have answers for the world’s questions.


Welcome to Connect, Meaghan. :slightly_smiling_face: How wonderful to hear of your heart for the hurting. Hopefully, what you learn here on Connect will open the door for even more conversations.


Welcome! Hope you enjoy rzim connect


Welcome aboard @meaghan_burke. Love:

How do you see you doing that? I think there are many like @Cameron_McAllister and Jill Carattini who do such a good job attending to arts and the gospel. I did not know if you were familiar with them. God-bless you and your journey.

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A warm welcome, Meaghan! @meaghan_burke
Your goals are really interesting - architecture/theology - as well as, ministry- minded :slight_smile:

I hope you find this community to be an encouragement to your faith- and I hope you’ll jump into conversations as you feel led!

Enjoy checking out the categories and great topics being discussed :blush:

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Glad you found the Connect virtual room, abuzz with the voices of thousands. It will be a rare feat indeed if you ever get around to meeting everyone :slight_smile:

Reflecting on concepts of architectural design understood in a spirituality of Christian theology should lead to some fascinating revelations in both directions. I’ll be watching for topics you might start on the subject. Incidentally, if you don’t know of this group already, you may be interested in connecting in Toronto with Imago. Their website gives more information @ .

Again welcome.

John MacIntyre

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Welcome! I hope you find answers you are looking for here.