Meaning of what God said to Abraham in Gen. 13:16


Doesn’t Genesis 13:16 mean there will be an innumerable amount of future generations?

Thank you


@LKHHKL Great question :slight_smile: No, it does not mean Abraham will have innumerable descendants. First, there is not an infinite amount of dust on the earth. Second, the language of this promise is hyperbole. God is saying Abraham will have lots of descendants; not that he will have the same number of descendants as there are dust particles on the earth.

Just like when we say “I could eat a horse” or “I have a million things to do today”, this expression is hyperbole.


@LKHHKL I am curious to know what particularly aroused your interest in this question? @SeanO is correct that this is hyperbole, but there are some grand theological implications in it. Did you have any in mind?

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