Hello wonderful people,

My name is Medgine, I’m from Alberta Canada. I am a recent RZIM Academy alumni. I took the Core Module back in August which feels like forever the way 2020 is set up lol.

I’m a spoken word artist, creative writer and patient advocate. Also speak French.

I joined Connect to continue the conversations I had during the discussion groups and also to learn from others who are or have wrestled with difficult questions. I would also love to connect with French speakers as well to practice how to discuss these conversations en français.

I hope to bring forward my own questions and wrestling, especially as it relates to the pursuit social justice as an apologetic to the gospel.

Happy to be here!


Hi, Medgine, so a Canadian, eh? Welcome. I am from Toronto also just recently joined Connect.
Looking forward to the chance to talk to you again soon.


Welcome to RZIM Connect! @Medgine


Welcome to connect @Medgine. Glad you are here from Canada. Congrats getting through the core module. Some good stuff? Would love to read some of your creative writings. I hope you enjoy connect. God-bless you and your journey.


Hi @Medgine, your introduction was beautiful to read, welcome :pray:t3:
Should you choose to engage here in connect, I trust you will be a blessing to others. I do hope you enjoy browsing through and gleaning from the conversations. Feel free to offer your insight as well :slightly_smiling_face:
Take care :heart: