Meet Benjamin

Hello, my name is Benjamin,

I am from Wisconsin, USA.

I’ve been a long time RZIM listener and found the app in the Apple App Store.

As a senior in my biblical studies and theology program through Liberty University, I hope to learn as much as I can and perhaps offer some small contribution to the ongoing defense of the Christian Faith.


Hello, Benjamin, and welcome to Connect. It’s great to hear of your heart to know God more deeply as you pursue studies at Liberty. I look forward to hearing more from you on the conversations. Hope you’ll share both questions and answers on the forum!


Hello Brittany,

Thank you so much. I’m very grateful and humbled to have this opportunity to interact with others through this site. I do plan on interacting a great deal with both questions and answers. I look forward any future interactions we might share here. God bless!



Hi Benjamin,

I’ve actually only signed up on this platform a few days ago but have enjoyed some of the engagement and content.
What area of Wisconsin are you from?
I’m a Wisconsin-ite too. (located between Milwaukee and Madison)


Hello Tim,

Thanks for your reply, and welcome. I signed up a while ago, but I was a little confused by the earlier iterations of the app and deleted it. However, I redownloaded it today and I am very happy I did so. By the way, I’m south of Madison.


Hi @BenIAm, so nice to meet you! You have such a friendly expression :slightly_smiling_face: I am sure you have some insight that would be helpful here. I look forward to your engaging in the conversations, offering your thoughts and biblical knowledge. Take care :pray: and enjoy browsing through the various topics.


Hey @timotto welcome aboard. Great to have you with us. I live in Michigan, but I am from the Appleton WI area. Where are you at in Wisconsin? Love Liberty too. Have you listened to Ravi’s address at Liberty? It’s awesome. Best to you on your studies. It’s great to have another with the background you have joining us. God-bless you and your journey.


Hello @BenIAm !
Glad to meet you. Being involved here is an amazing blend of believers from all over the world. I know the Lord is and will be using you here and wherever He places you. Enjoy the conversations!

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