Mein Tanko

Hello guys

My name is Mein from Nigeria
I read my Bible and have questions that need answers and insights I think are worth sharing.

I hope to contribute by sharing and asking questions that will help us go deeper with Christ (the word of God).


Welcome @Mein, it’s wonderful to have you here, welcome!
There are so many conversations here to browse through and I trust you will find the responses very helpful. Any insight you have would be appreciated as we all glean from one another.
Take care :pray:t3:


Thank you. Look forward to learning and growing


@Mein Nice to meet you!


@joncarp it’s a pleasure. Hope to learn from you.


Greetings and hello Mr Mein,

Already I have met you and been blessed with your keen insights in our Lords good wisdom and understanding.

Yes sir, you are such a wonderful addition to this community. It will be so good to find your words here.



:pray:t5: it’s a pleasure to meet you too and a blessing.

Welcome Mein, it’s a pleasure to meet you. Look forward to your input, insight, and wisdom.


Welcome Mein. God bless.

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Thank you Mike and I also look forward to yours. Have a blessed day.

Hi Tanko @Mein welcome to RZIM Connect. I am so glad to meet you here. Be sure to explore the family’s resources and You will find connect to be so helpful and spiritually sound for you and your community. Feel free to ask any questions and share your prayer request and testimonies. Be free also to join the conversations anytime. Where in Nigeria are you joining us from?
With love
From Kaduna.


Thanks @WorshipGod it’s a pleasure sir. I look forward to taking advantage of all the resources made available. Appreciate the love. Am currently in Abuja.

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HI Mein will you share your questions?

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Sure thing. Will do.

Welcome Mein! We are so glad to have you with us on Connect! I appreciate your eagerness to learn and grow with others in Christ. This is a wonderful place to do that with so many people with different perspectives and experiences around the world. God bless you brother! :blush:

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Thanks. :pray:t5: