Melanie Jimenez

Hello everybody,

I am Melanie from the south of Germany. I recently did an online course with RZIM, which I really enjoyed, so I decided to join RZIM Connect to be able to do more courses and to dive deeper on certain topics. But also to read questions & answers and to give answers or ideas when I feel like it could be helpful.


You are welcome Melanie

Welcome to RZIM Connect! @Melanie.J

Hallo Melanie, herzlich Willkommen und schön, jemand aus Süddeutschland hier zu treffen :smiley:

I did the core module and it was a great experience for me. Since then I have been active at Connect and I have to say that you can deal with very different topics very intensively here. Feel free to ask your questions and participate in the discussions.


Welcome, Melanie! I’m relatively new as well. I have enjoyed 5 total RZIM academy classes and currently enrolled in What it Means to be Human. God bless you!


Welcome Melanie; so good to have you on Connect. I joined over a year ago but have been busy with other ministries and lost connection. Now I’m back and I know it will be a blessing to grow in the Lord with other believers such as yourself. Be blessed, Les