Melody Peniche

Hello to all. I am from Lynchburg VA, and I have a husband and 2 kids. Many tough personal trials now, but there is grace for the journey. I had the pleasure of hearing Ravi speak at Thomas Road for the first time recently. I have listened to Let my people think for sometime now though. I always thought and still think if I ever finish my college degree I would like it to be in Apologetics. My ministry calling is to help heal the spirit through healing the health of the body as well. I believe there are spiritual correlations with how we care for our body, and how we grow in Christ. The sin of mankind came through something that looked good to eat. And then on the other side, oh how powerful fasting is for a spiritual purpose!! It seems like Jesus might agree since most of his earthly ministry involved healing the sick. I am currently a personal trainer and nutrition consultant and am fluid in growing how to use my calling in these things for full time ministry. I am here to learn and encourage where I can. My own sin cycles and defeats in life have left me humbled, best able to teach what not to do, but the blessing is I am truly able to say I am here just by Gods grace. If He can use me I am at His service, and pray for continued grace to trust and obey.


@Sacredbones37 welcome to Connect.
Look forward to your insights and comments.
Especially as one who is the primary care giver of a wife with mental illness.

Look forward to hearing you your insights as we journey together. :slightly_smiling_face:

Nice to meet you Melody!

Hi @Sacredbones37, welcome to connect. Your introduction was inspiring, honest and heartfelt :heart: I trust you will be a blessing as you engage here and you will also be blessed. I do hope to read more from you in the conversations :pray:t3: Enjoy browsing and feel free to offer your insight :slightly_smiling_face: